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Leadership Team Meeting Agenda & Report

Leadership Team Members Present

Chapter Goals

Hand out monthly PALMS Report and review your chapter's monthly goals

What strategies will your chapter employ to build the group's membership in the coming months?

How does your chapter plan to increase the number of Visitors through the door?

What would help your members to bring more referrals for others?

What would help your members to increase the volume of external referrals passed?

What Networking Education topics would assist members in mastering the BNI fundamentals?

Development plans for coming month *

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Recruiting Priority List*

New Members and Renewals

Conflict Resolution & Concerns

Plans to Boost Member Participation*

Chapter Financial Status*

Comments for Director / Ambassador *

Add notes regarding ways your chapter's Director or Ambassador could assist. For instance, topics for feature presentations during upcoming Director Visits that would help the chapter and its members achieve goals.