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Chapter Supplies Order Form

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Please allow 3 weeks for delivery, in the event local inventory has run out.

Visitor Sticky Name Tags

New Member Kit - Badge, Card Caddy, Orientation Recording and Pamphlet, Policy Brochure, and Lapel Pin (max 3 kits/order)

Referral Slips - 250/pack

Closed Business Slips (green) - 250/pack

Visitor Slips (orange) - 250/pack

Chapter Edn Units Slips (green) - 250/pack

Notable Networker Certificates

Visitor Invitation Business Cards

Ribbon – Education Coordinator

Ribbon – Events Coordinator

Ribbon – Growth Coordinator

Ribbon – Leadership Team

Ribbon – Membership Committee

Ribbon – Mentor

Ribbon – Visitor Host


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BNI Name Badge (Gray)

BNI Lanyard

BNI Member Lapel Pin

BNI Card Holder - Small (replacement/extra)

Book - Business Networking and Sex

Book - Masters of Sales

Book - Money on the Table

Book - Networking Like A Pro

card caddy, name badge, etc.

BNI Member Kit (replacement for member)

Card holder, name badge, lapel pin, orientation brochure & recording, policies

BNI Training Materials (extra for member co.)

Member kit, binder, workbook and worksheets, Giver Gain book, and more

Chapter Goal Board (whiteboard and marker)